Parenting is easy, or the Golden Rules for Parents
The participants of our trainings asked us to collect the main thing that smart parents should remember and know. We smiled and wrote. If you are not only smart, but…

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How to raise a successful person (E. Wojdicki)
When we learned that Mom was publishing a book, we decided that it was for us, her children, to write a preface about how it feels when your mother is…

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Why and how to play role-playing games with children 3-7 years old
Preschoolers must always play role-playing and plot-role-playing games (the difference between these two concepts is well written here). A role-playing game is like a “recipe”, not only for teaching writing,…

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Reinforcement in parenting

Reinforcement is a prerequisite for any learning and training. The main rule: “What we reinforce is what we get.”

When parents approach the child, they reinforce the behavior that the child is doing at this time. If parents approach a small child when he smiles, take him in his arms when he reaches for them, talk with him when he walks with them – they will bring up a calm, cheerful, positive and loving child. If parents are very busy and approach the child only when he screams or describes himself, they educate someone who will cry and write more and more often.

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How to attract a husband to raise a child

My children were interesting to me even before birth, I prepared as seriously as possible for their birth. However, more often, children under 3 years old are really not very interested: men are interested in raising children, not just raising them. Just messing with the children is not theirs; they are more often carried away by the role of the Model and Teacher. Yes, they help little at this time, and if this is accompanied by reproaches, the young dad will continue to stay away from the child. But if an intelligent woman emphasizes that her husband does not deal with the child as often as she does, but is much wiser than her, she knows how to stop crying, whims and tantrums, in which case the man will want to engage in education faster. Women, be wise Suns! Continue reading

How to build sensible obedience through an initiative

In this article, we summarize the research conducted by us, teachers at the Escalibur Camp camps. For several years now, we have been changing shifts in our children’s camps. One of the key questions that is important when communicating and working with children is how to make them interested in doing something. How can parents and educators create interest and involvement in a child? This is what we, teachers, have come to on the basis of experience gained over almost a dozen shifts.

As you probably already guessed, this article will discuss the differences between such concepts of raising a child as obedience and initiative. On the one hand, each parent wants to see his daughter or his son obedient, disciplined. On the other hand, in order to be successful in a future life, it would be good for the child to be active and proactive. Under a lying stone, water does not flow, right? Continue reading

I have older children taking care of younger ones

I raised two sons, they already have three children each, and the most important rule in the family was: the older ones take care of the younger ones, and the younger ones obey the older ones. Roma is the youngest, and I always told him that his elder brother is the most important person for him, he should obey him like mom and dad, grandparents. And the eldest, Vadim, when we were left alone, always told how to behave, so that his younger brother respected him. Vadima never scolded under Roma, took care of his authority. But Roma did not have to scold, because to deal with him – this was the work of Vadim.
I loved communicating with my sons and tried to find games that would be of interest to them and useful to the family. The war game turned out to be very successful: I was usually a commander, and Vadim, as Continue reading

When the baby commands, or how to react to the children’s cry, oh and crying

Elena asks:

Good day! I’ve read many articles already, but I don’t find a suitable one … Help, please. Second child, daughter 1 year 4 months. Her behavior torments everyone, including herself. She, as it were, chooses a “friend” for herself and does not see or hear anyone else. If I (mom) are nearby, then this is definitely me. If I am not, then it can be any adult: dad, grandmother, grandfather, uncle … But someone alone. And to this “friend” kapets! She doesn’t leave the room (nor the toilet, will yell under the door; neither drink nor leave), she constantly “monitors” – in a second she will already notice that she has left. She doesn’t want to get up, she immediately asks for her hands, and if she immediately sits down, then she no longer needs her in her hands. If you tell her that you are going out, then here, with luck, as a rule, the horr begins with Continue reading

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When the baby commands, or how to react to the children's cry, oh and crying
Elena asks: Good day! I’ve read many articles already, but I don’t find a suitable one ... Help, please. Second child, daughter 1 year 4 months. Her behavior torments everyone,…