Raising a boy
Boys and girls are different initially. Since childhood, girls prefer to play with dolls, outfits and relationships, boys are more interested in cars, construct something and fight. You can, of…

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How to build sensible obedience through an initiative
In this article, we summarize the research conducted by us, teachers at the Escalibur Camp camps. For several years now, we have been changing shifts in our children's camps. One…

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When does Mature Love come?
There is a popular opinion, confirmed by experts, that first love and first (early) marriages - always fall apart. Why is that? Let's try to find out. To answer this…

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the development

When does Mature Love come?

There is a popular opinion, confirmed by experts, that first love and first (early) marriages – always fall apart. Why is that? Let’s try to find out.

To answer this question, I attracted a number of psychotherapeutic metaphors. And so, Metaphor One. “Dance”.

And now Music began to play … Is Dance important? Or is the partner important?
At some point, unearthly music begins to sound in the ears of a young creature. She orders him to dance. Someone calls this music hormones. Someone – “the stage of socialization through the search for a partner to create a family.” But this is boring. Let’s leave the metaphor of the Dance. Continue reading

How to read books

Do you know why people who hate to read grow out of curious, gifted, and cheerful little children? You can tell me about a dozen reasons that will make you feel longing and sitting on online forums. Do not. I will tell you a simple secret. It has nothing to do with speed reading techniques and other diagonals.

Even adults who are accustomed to reading cannot read books correctly.

Reading them made a dirty impulse that had nothing to do with joy – the habit of perfectionism. Remember the Sunday school boy Tom Sawyer attended? The boy who the whole prayer book memorized in order to distinguish himself in front of an evil teacher with a rod, and immediately went crazy? We are not talking about reading such a book. We are about reading that brings Joy.

They cannot learn how to receive joy from life, let alone reading. Before telling you a secret, I digress aside and give an example in the subject. Continue reading

A medicine called “Listen”

The great psychotherapist Carl Rogers made a very big contribution to the development of not only his industry – psychology, but also managed to greatly change our world.

Do you agree that from century to century our world becomes more humane, it becomes easier, more pleasant to live in? Well, did you even notice that criminals are now not executed in the square, and corporal punishment has been abolished in schools, children specially hired for this are not being whipped with rods?

So, the world is changing for the better not “by itself”, as “by itself” spring comes in nature. The world is always changing for the better through the efforts of individual, lonely-standing people, whom no one is helping at this moment, but also hindering.

I called these people lonely because often, their friends, teachers and like-minded people are only books Continue reading

Persuasion is a waste of time
Marina, my wife and I, go to the park, and there is a stall from the church where they sell all kinds of prayed buns, etc. The tea is good…


How to raise a successful person (E. Wojdicki)
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Instruction for the man (man)
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Gaseous people
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