How to raise a successful person (E. Wojdicki)
When we learned that Mom was publishing a book, we decided that it was for us, her children, to write a preface about how it feels when your mother is…

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How to build sensible obedience through an initiative
In this article, we summarize the research conducted by us, teachers at the Escalibur Camp camps. For several years now, we have been changing shifts in our children's camps. One…

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The whole truth about people suffering from addictions and their loved ones
The topic of addictions is one of the most painful topics. Families in which this problem exists is not a joke. But science, psychology does not stand still, it develops,…

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relationship psychology

How to plan your day for a preschooler?

When the child is still small, we parents plan everything for him. We set tasks for him, suggest the steps to be taken, give instructions on how to do it right, control the process.

This process can be outlined on paper in the form of a plan. If the child has not yet reached school age, then you can draw a plan, or make a fun application so that the kid understands what is required of him. Younger students partially cope with this task themselves, but to a greater extent need the help of their parents.

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When a child lies to you

There are children who are inclined to lie, and there are children who are not inclined to lie. It seems that in many ways they are born like this: it is absolutely easy and natural for one child to lie, he is lying like he breathes, and it is strange for him that you need to limit yourself to some truth in choosing words that will benefit him. And another child is just as painful to lie as breaking himself, he has an innate sense of truth, it is difficult for him to lie and he believes others because he does not understand how to tell lies. On the other hand, the role of adults is very important: even some children with the character of honest angels begin to lie next to some parents, and stops lying next to others, because lying next to them is both impossible and stupid and inappropriate. Continue reading

The baby cries: is it always necessary to twitch it?

In the beginning – briefly.

What is the most important thing for mom? – Do not worry, get enough sleep and be calm.
Do I need to be attentive to the crying baby? – Yes, of course.
Do parents need to be afraid that the baby is crying? – No, it’s not scary.
Do you believe crying baby? – Yes, babies do not cry in vain.
Do you always need to respond to a baby crying? – Not at all. Yes, he may want something, but his parents may have other plans.
Is it necessary to wean a baby from night crying? – Yes, gradually.
What else do you need to take care of? – About not to accustom the baby to crying.
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Throw a bowl of cookies!
I speak with parents of preschool children and even older children: almost every first one mentions “problems with feeding” or “does not eat normal food”. Moreover, the children are different:…


"We ate well today" or how to raise a neurotic from a child
Some mothers have such a habit of annoying normal people: talking about their child “WE”. The habit of saying so arises for a reason. She always goes hand in hand…


Yelling or not yelling at children
Do you have the right to yell at children when tearing off? Reading my latest materials, you, the Reader, might think that I urge everyone to blow dust off their…


What are the nightmares talking about
Do you believe in dreams? Know how to interpret them? Are you afraid of nightmares? I haven’t asked all the questions yet! Have you ever happened to say this phrase:…