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How to read books

Do you know why people who hate to read grow out of curious, gifted, and cheerful little children? You can tell me about a dozen reasons that will make you feel longing and sitting on online forums. Do not. I will tell you a simple secret. It has nothing to do with speed reading techniques and other diagonals.

Even adults who are accustomed to reading cannot read books correctly.

Reading them made a dirty impulse that had nothing to do with joy – the habit of perfectionism. Remember the Sunday school boy Tom Sawyer attended? The boy who the whole prayer book memorized in order to distinguish himself in front of an evil teacher with a rod, and immediately went crazy? We are not talking about reading such a book. We are about reading that brings Joy.

They cannot learn how to receive joy from life, let alone reading. Before telling you a secret, I digress aside and give an example in the subject.

One man told a real story that happened to him in the same cafe. Once, having entered a certain public catering, he sat down at a table, ordered something, and in anticipation of an order began to read a book. And then he caught on himself the disapproving look of the barmaid. This look became more and more disapproving, until finally the barmaid broke through. She went straight to the table and said the following: “Man, they don’t read with us.” (Type as “we don’t smoke”). In response to the puzzled “Why?”, She hesitated a little and was clearly trying to formulate for the first time her impulses not so far understood, replied that the cafe was a place of rest. Rest, understand – the lady specified. People come here to relax, and you … read!

What happens to all these people? And now – I reveal the secret.

You need to read books correctly: “from the fifth to the tenth.” Skipping chapters and flipping through boring descriptions. Start and quit. Randomly scatter dozens of books around you and read five at a time. Forget author and character names. Try everything to taste and sort through the options. So do the children whom they are trying to wean from this outrage by all means and with the use of threats. As a result, round honors grow up, grasping Cosmopolitan at the first convenient opportunity, like a sick oxygen pillow.

Some parents do not trust their children. Then they, wanting the whole book to be fully assimilated, take on hard work and, tearing the bundles, (sometimes in turn) read the child aloud. This is how to feed a forcibly political prisoner who went on a hunger strike in a cell.

And the result? The child is still “disconnected” at some stage, suddenly starting to dream of his own. At that moment in the consciousness only the monotonous voice of the parent sounds, and the child himself feels like Ally’s girl, who has fallen into the very center of the poppy field.

You won’t learn the whole book the first time. And from the thirtieth – you will not learn. That’s why she and the Book – that is, a sacred subject. It fully complies with the law formulated by Le Tzu:

“Nothing in the whole world can be used to the full.”

Instead of shoving the whole book “from board to board” in a child, children need to be taught to reread.

And in order for the child to have such a desire, the child must love the book. At first, not a book, but artistic speech, a time-based plot, leading unknowingly to where.

There are periods in early childhood when a child himself begins to fall in love with a sounding fiction – this is when he asks to tell him the same tale and strictly corrects the narrator if he notices deviations from the “canon”. Oh, how boring parents it is!

They want to tell him ten, no, a hundred new tales – but the child is adamant – give that one, beloved. What parents do not suspect: from mental retardation to sophisticated bullying.

And everything is much simpler: the child has a favorite toy, and it is more dear to him than all new ones. Every day you don’t need to palm off a fresh tank model to him, he must learn to love, learn to become attached to one thing, learn to be persistent and faithful. And not only in the world of material things.

As for the fairy tale, the analogy is straightforward – the child learns to love the sounding Text, discourse, script from tricky words that make up the whole world. Your fairy tale is a code for access to worlds unknown to you, but already living in his imagination. To enter there, the child needs to hear the usual callsigns: “Once upon a time there was a poor woman and she had a daughter …”. Do not devalue the Word in the eyes of a little person, changing tales like gloves, because you are “tired of telling the same thing for the hundredth time.”

To start re-reading a book, a child must love it. The one who pushes reading into children, like a cooled borsch, the one …

doesn’t know the Way …

Whoever stands on tiptoe will not stand idle for a long time,

Who walks widely will not go far.

Who strives forward – does not gain glory.

For the Way, it is only “extra treat”, “vain walking.”

For people, this is just an excuse for hatred.

So says Taoist wisdom. I will introduce you to the commentary to enhance the effect.

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