How to educate schoolchildren
Our hero is known as the pioneer of practical psychology for a Russian audience. Doctor of Psychology, Professor Nikolai Ivanovich Kozlov has been managing the Sinton training center, the oldest…

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Reinforcement in parenting
Reinforcement is a prerequisite for any learning and training. The main rule: “What we reinforce is what we get.” When parents approach the child, they reinforce the behavior that the…

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When the baby commands, or how to react to the children's cry, oh and crying
Elena asks: Good day! I’ve read many articles already, but I don’t find a suitable one ... Help, please. Second child, daughter 1 year 4 months. Her behavior torments everyone,…

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15 parenting tips

1. In order for parenting to become a pleasant, useful, and expedient process for you, you must initially determine the endpoint of parenting and designate it with three epithets. What kind of children do you want to raise? It is imperative for parents to discuss this together! Remember that each family may have its own approach.

So, N.I. Kozlov says: “Positive, Constructive, responsibility! My children should be future employees of my company, who will continue my business better than me and lead my business. They have the same values ​​as mine. ”

And for Olga Paratnova’s family, this is a Healthy, Conscious (Free from templates), Happy person!

2. In order to avoid infantilism in your children, even adults, use the following principles in education: “All the best is for adults!”, “It is beneficial for elders to be!”

Example: an older child can eat much more food than a younger one (for example, sausage and chocolate are sometimes possible for an older one, but not for a younger one. And only an adult can enter an attic room, where there is a lot of interesting and exciting things !! !

3. To raise children healthy, teach them to pour water daily from an early age. Those who are drenched are adults, and they have higher immunity, they can eat something that can not be children with low immunity (kids)!

4. So that children willingly help you with the housework, educate them on the principle: “Household chores are a reward!”. If you want to do something, but still small – go, persuade your brother to take you as assistants!

5. Expand your child’s mind by observing the principle of “Total Yes.” This means that if “no” or “impossible” now, then speak out the situation and circumstances when or to whom it will be possible.

6. In order to speak convincingly with the child, and after this parent he obeyed, observe the following 3 rules:

Speak calmly.
Speak firmly.
Broad respect for the child.
7. To harmoniously participate in the development of the child, take time for him as follows:

do not make a small child a “navel of the earth”, as is often done. Life does not need to revolve around him!
Good picture: parents do an important job, and the children are nearby. Then the child will adopt your habits and grow properly, realizing that adults are doing an important thing. If a very small child asks in his arms, then take him and go about your business with him. Thus, the child will feel that the parent is engaged in an important matter, and at the same time he is there, he cares.

It is important for children to see that parents have a lot of responsibilities! Young children see that adults have many responsibilities and this is also an opportunity for motivation! You can change responsibilities, negotiate.

9. So that children can organize themselves, and even as adults, teach them to strictly obey their parents! So you form in the child the inner parent or the volitional part of the character.

10. In order to accustom children to responsibility, order and discipline during your absence, appoint a “senior” person and announce to the children whom they should obey in your absence and who is responsible for them. It could be, for example, an older child! Use the opportunity of situational seniority, that is, appoint as elder in some situations any other child, not necessarily older in age, but one who has shown himself better in this than everyone else!

11. The ability to listen calmly, without accusations and reproaches, helps to maintain trust and stay in a friend’s state for the child. So you form a channel of communication with the child, the tradition of talking and sharing everything. In order for the child to listen to your opinion, you just listen and give recommendations as if to yourself: “But in this situation I would have done so, and in this – like that.”

12. If you want to involve a nanny in raising children, including grandparents, then draw up an instruction document that spells out how and in what situation the nanny should behave.

For example, if the child fell, Olga recommends that the nanny inform her with a calm voice: “You fell, get up, shake off and go for a walk further”, that is, keep calm and give the child clear steps that should be taken in such a situation.

13. When choosing a child development model, it is important to pay attention to and develop what works worse for a child up to 8 years old. For example, the boy is gentle in nature – we are engaged in martial arts.
14. The correct model of attitude to your things in life, understanding of their value is helped by a well-built attitude to toys. That is, when choosing the number of toys, be guided by how much the child carefully, carefully and interestedly approaches them! If he can clean one toy, add more. Can cope with two, add more.

15. It is easy to teach a child to order in a room if he gets his room only when he proves that he is able to maintain cleanliness in it, because he is an adult! Up to this point, children use shared rooms. In this case, there is a clear picture of what order should be!

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