Tram People
Most recently, I met one amazing book. This is a practical guide to psychology, written not for scientists and psychology students, but for ordinary people. Simple, but not simple. Because…

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How to attract a husband to raise a child
My children were interesting to me even before birth, I prepared as seriously as possible for their birth. However, more often, children under 3 years old are really not very…

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Instruction for the man (man)
Based on the basic, highly spiritual, we know that women expect from men - love, and men expect from women - RESPECT Oh, if people were issued instructions for use!…

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Why and how to play role-playing games with children 3-7 years old

Preschoolers must always play role-playing and plot-role-playing games (the difference between these two concepts is well written here).

A role-playing game is like a “recipe”, not only for teaching writing, but for teaching effective communication. Agree, if the child had sufficient practice with copybooks, then he will write beautifully in clean rulers. Role games also work. If the child has had sufficient role-playing practice, then:

it’s easy for a child to figure out what to do with himself,
it will be easier for the child in the lessons at school: he will be happy to participate in dramatization in the lessons of literature, English, in team games in physical education,
it’s easy for a child to make friends and have teachers
role-playing games will also lessen the likelihood of internal protests about learning,
role-playing games will form interests in school subjects and in the future profession
Tells mom 3.5 year old child:
“I work as a tutor, and the students come to my house. My daughter is 3.5 years old. Before the lesson, I simply lay out my favorite toys in front of my daughter, give the task to “play while mom works”, and leave. My daughter can play 1 hour on her own. What does she do? She plays what we have played more than once: collects puzzles, paints pictures, draws, plays the plots of our role-playing games on dolls. Yesterday, for example, I went to her room after class, and she planted toys on the couch and sits as if reading to them. I learned this story – this is from our game in “Kindergarten”. My daughter likes this game the most now. ”

Says an English teacher in elementary school:
“This is my first year of work, and I am surprised that only 4-5 children out of 25 are delighted with the” dramatization. ” I come up with games where children need to turn to each other in different images, and only this small group of children with pleasure and very artistically do it. The rest, it seems, do not understand at all what it is like to “get acquainted in English like a bear”. They can copy a bear’s roar, but they cannot afford to depict a bear for at least a few seconds. In the end, I seem to be subconsciously building a lesson specifically for those artistic 4-5 children. It’s easy, interesting and strong to work with them. ”

So, if you want to raise a child not only smart, but also a successful, interesting, sociable person, provide your child with good role-playing practice before school.

How to organize this good practice?

For different categories of families, the recommendations will be different. If a child goes to kindergarten or a nanny sits with him, then it will be enough for parents to simply choose the best teacher for their child. Professional teachers and tutors are well aware of the potential of role-playing games, are able to organize them correctly and know how to interest children in participation.

If you yourself are engaged in the upbringing of your preschool children, and you do not have a teacher education, then here are the tips for you:

1. When to start playing role-playing games? If the child’s speech has reached speech therapy standards for 3 year old children, then it’s time to start playing. You can familiarize yourself with these standards at the following link. If you want to introduce game practice earlier, we recommend that you read this article.

2. Which plot to choose? You need to choose what is most likely to respond to your child. Analyze his interests: what topics does he clearly like more than others? What toys does he distinguish from the rest? It can also be useful to start a conversation on the topic “What do you want to become?” Amazingly, many 4-year-olds quickly answer this question. If your child is at a loss, watch books or videos about professions together – if the child is interested in something, this topic will become the plot of your first game.

3. And if my child is not interested in anything? And if I have no time to find out? Then we recommend taking the universal plot “Shop”. This is one of the easiest stories to organize.

4. What to do next? Here you have chosen the plot. Now prepare the props: pick up the toys, put them together, craft or buy something.

5. Is it necessary to make props for the game, or can I go and buy something ready in a toy store? It seems that in the first stages it is better to craft something from the means at hand. If the plot doesn’t work, or your first games last no more than five minutes, you will not be sorry for the money spent.

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