I have older children taking care of younger ones
I raised two sons, they already have three children each, and the most important rule in the family was: the older ones take care of the younger ones, and the…

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Instruction for the man (man)
Based on the basic, highly spiritual, we know that women expect from men - love, and men expect from women - RESPECT Oh, if people were issued instructions for use!…

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Bravo my dear
“It’s not you who decides where we are going. Parents decide, ”the French are strict in raising their children. The authority of the elders is unshakable. A child is not…

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Throw a bowl of cookies!

I speak with parents of preschool children and even older children: almost every first one mentions “problems with feeding” or “does not eat normal food”. Moreover, the children are different: from thin people to those whose cheeks do not fit into the photo.
I’m starting to ask. It turns out, according to many parents, there is a certain norm of wholesome food that a child must eat. They do not set themselves the task of satisfying the child’s healthy appetite. For many modern kids, a healthy appetite is a luxury! Parents see their task – to ram the child with healthy food so that:
a) the child simply didn’t get into too much food that was unprofitable, which he and his whole family would go to “catch up” after they stopped stuffing “wholesome” into it.
b) so that in no case would he want to eat X hours (here they call the time period convenient for parents).

Dear parents, from time immemorial, such tasks have been solved much easier!

1) Think about where the child takes food that is not useful, from the point of view of his parents, and even regularly?

Most often from this very vase with cookies. When he gets older, he buys in a stall for pocket money.

And do not give it down! “How can he learn four lessons without lollipop ?! So what if you can buy breakfast and lunch at school through a teacher. Anyway, he almost doesn’t eat them, ”the parents worry. And the child really got used to squeamishly poking around in the plate, used to snacking on sweets and fast food. How will he grow up with such habits? Fat? With a frozen squeamish-sad face? Maybe it’s time to change something ?!

Yes, I know that this vase is not for him, but for you … But if you are at least a little dear to the health and future of the child, throw out this vase already! Or at least the contents. Better put a couple of apples there if “the soul does not tolerate emptiness.”

2) Remember, wanting to eat is NORMAL! If a child wants to eat an hour and a half before dinner, let him want it. Anyone who tells you that this is at least “harmful” is very mistaken. Wants to eat? Rejoice! Healthy appetite is restored.

When you sit down at the table, impose the very minimum to the child so that he ate with pleasure. Add a supplement only if politely asks, specifying: “How much do you eat? Right? Better put a half, then add, if you eat and still want. ”

Count for yourself how many “rabbits you kill” by stopping stuffing your child with food and letting your healthy appetite wake up:

a) the child eats himself, quickly and cheerfully (even if not from the first day – let him get used to it for a week);

b) there is no need to rack one’s brains over how much food he needs: how much a child with a healthy appetite will eat, so much is needed;

c) the child learns politely from his mother to ask, for example, an additive (for impolite treatment, instead of the additive, we kindly inform you that you need to ask politely);

d) the child learns to sincerely thank for food (it’s difficult to thank from the bottom of the heart for which something was shoved into you by force).

So, we give the child only useful food little by little, we give out the supplement only if he asks himself and a little bit too. In a vase – fruits. Peace of mind is in the soul, because the healthy appetite of children is their health for many years.

How? Are you still sitting and reading ??! And this instead of getting up and throwing away all these cookies, for example, birds? Guests will come – five steps from the door to the store. A week or two of “breaking up” with you and the kids, but then the whole family will have fun and slim tomorrow! 🙂
Video from Yana Happiness: interview with professor of psychology N.I. Kozlov
Talking topics: What kind of woman do you need to be in order to successfully marry? How many times do men marry? Why are there not enough normal men? Childfree. Parenting. What is love? A fairy tale that would not be better. Fee for the opportunity to be near a beautiful woman.

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