How to attract a husband to raise a child
My children were interesting to me even before birth, I prepared as seriously as possible for their birth. However, more often, children under 3 years old are really not very…

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Learning problems
This art-therapeutic technique is least of all oriented towards schoolchildren and students who have low motivation to receive education and good grades. This art-therapeutic technique is understood by the term…

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Persuasion is a waste of time
Marina, my wife and I, go to the park, and there is a stall from the church where they sell all kinds of prayed buns, etc. The tea is good…

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Why and how to play role-playing games with children 3-7 years old

Preschoolers must always play role-playing and plot-role-playing games (the difference between these two concepts is well written here).

A role-playing game is like a “recipe”, not only for teaching writing, but for teaching effective communication. Agree, if the child had sufficient practice with copybooks, then he will write beautifully in clean rulers. Role games also work. If the child has had sufficient role-playing practice, then:

it’s easy for a child to figure out what to do with himself,
it will be easier for the child in the lessons at school: he will be happy to participate in dramatization in the lessons of literature, English, in team games in physical education, Continue reading

How to educate schoolchildren

Our hero is known as the pioneer of practical psychology for a Russian audience. Doctor of Psychology, Professor Nikolai Ivanovich Kozlov has been managing the Sinton training center, the oldest in Russia, for more than 30 years. Together with his students, he maintains the most popular psychology portal in Runet, Psychologos, is the rector of the University of Practical Psychology, and writes books for millions of readers. He recently released the new “Simple Right Childhood,” a guide for smart and strong parents. Material for her, in particular, was her own rich experience, because Nikolai Ivanovich is the father of five children. Without offering simple solutions, he leads his readers to the impressive results of the most Continue reading

Raising a boy

Boys and girls are different initially. Since childhood, girls prefer to play with dolls, outfits and relationships, boys are more interested in cars, construct something and fight. You can, of course, raise a girl from a boy, but – why? Probably a boy should be raised from a boy. A real man. But what is needed for this? How to do this, given that today there are a lot of like men, weak-willed, irresponsible and indecisive, ready to throw all problems onto women’s shoulders?

A man does not grow out of a boy by himself, and maternal love alone is not enough to form male features in a boy. A boy grows up as a man when he 1) sees a model of male behavior next to him, 2) when he is raised in a manly manner, according to “male patterns”, and 3) when a man is raised from him, not a rag. Continue reading

Breaking up a relationship as a way to overcome a conflict with a child

So, the situation with your child is at an impasse. You no longer know what to do – nothing helps. You have already explained to him a thousand times, “they talked in a good way,” you tried to agree, and even on the advice of some psychologist “wrote a contract and hung it on the wall” (it was about the fact that he takes out the trash every day, does his homework and sits on the computer no more than two hours a day). Once you could not stand it and smashed his phone against the wall, and he threw a glass of pencils at you … Deadlock. Nothing helps!

Then and just then – the “two-step technique” from the yard of my childhood.
– The situation is at an impasse! – you acknowledge and declare. – I did this and that, it does not help, and we all see it! It only gets worse and worse! Therefore, for starters, I just stop doing everything that I did Continue reading

Throw a bowl of cookies!

I speak with parents of preschool children and even older children: almost every first one mentions “problems with feeding” or “does not eat normal food”. Moreover, the children are different: from thin people to those whose cheeks do not fit into the photo.
I’m starting to ask. It turns out, according to many parents, there is a certain norm of wholesome food that a child must eat. They do not set themselves the task of satisfying the child’s healthy appetite. For many modern kids, a healthy appetite is a luxury! Parents see their task – to ram the child with healthy food so that:
a) the child simply didn’t get into too much food that was unprofitable, which he and his whole family would go to “catch up” after they stopped stuffing “wholesome” into it. Continue reading

When a child lies to you
There are children who are inclined to lie, and there are children who are not inclined to lie. It seems that in many ways they are born like this: it…


When does Mature Love come?
There is a popular opinion, confirmed by experts, that first love and first (early) marriages - always fall apart. Why is that? Let's try to find out. To answer this…


Instruction for the man (man)
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Parent Automatic Responses
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