4 learning outcomes
I am addressing this article to teachers and parents, and parents in the first place. I do this for two reasons. Firstly, the situation with education now has developed for…

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How to educate schoolchildren
Our hero is known as the pioneer of practical psychology for a Russian audience. Doctor of Psychology, Professor Nikolai Ivanovich Kozlov has been managing the Sinton training center, the oldest…

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Gaseous people
In nature, a substance exists in three states: in solid, liquid, and in gaseous. (There is still plasma, but to present this in the logic of my metaphor is already…

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What to do so that parental exactingness does not cause a child to protest?

The fact that parental exactingness is necessary, reasonable people understand, but many have a justifiable fear: Will the exactingness of parents cause a negative result in the long term? There are reasons for concern: there are frequent cases when children, having escaped from parental care and pressure, start off “in all serious ways.” At first glance, this seems logical: demanding is pressure, pressure causes protest. And when the children enter an independent life, they begin to catch up with everything that was previously forbidden for them and violate everything that their parents inspired them.

Yes, it happens that children, having escaped from the parental family, seem to forget what they were taught! They stop making bed and go unkempt in the morning, start to stay up late and get up late, eat Continue reading

15 parenting tips

1. In order for parenting to become a pleasant, useful, and expedient process for you, you must initially determine the endpoint of parenting and designate it with three epithets. What kind of children do you want to raise? It is imperative for parents to discuss this together! Remember that each family may have its own approach.

So, N.I. Kozlov says: “Positive, Constructive, responsibility! My children should be future employees of my company, who will continue my business better than me and lead my business. They have the same values ​​as mine. ”

And for Olga Paratnova’s family, this is a Healthy, Conscious (Free from templates), Happy person! Continue reading

Parenting is easy, or the Golden Rules for Parents

The participants of our trainings asked us to collect the main thing that smart parents should remember and know. We smiled and wrote. If you are not only smart, but also with a sense of humor, you should like these rules.
First, the main thing:

It’s easy to raise children if you are smart, and three or more children. It is always more difficult to raise two or one children. Make the right decisions!
Children must be dealt with by the children themselves. The system is simple: any junior obeys any senior. Each senior is fully and always responsible for any junior. All! Continue reading

Since my friend is doing better, I will not at all!

one day my son (8 years old) returned from swimming training in a gloomy mood. I began to ask questions and found out that the whole thing was in a friend. A friend achieved some outstanding results during training. The coach praised a friend. My son in that training was not even able to get close to the success of a friend. This was a real blow for his son.
As a result, the child made the following conclusion: I won’t go swimming anymore. It’s unpleasant to listen to the coach praising someone, and not you. A friend in everything is better than me, oh why so. How miserable I am, etc.

I confess that I reacted incorrectly at first. I got hooked on the topic of envy. I began to convince my son that “your friend is not better in everything,” that you will succeed too. The son listened to it all with a Continue reading

Persuasion is a waste of time

Marina, my wife and I, go to the park, and there is a stall from the church where they sell all kinds of prayed buns, etc. The tea is good there, and while we drink it, every minute mothers and children come up and want to feed their child. I am watching this. Have you seen how this happens? In 9 cases out of 10, all mothers with children 4-8 years old have the same scenario.
The same. Check, please!

Mom walks up to the stall with an alarming look, examines the shop window, at this time the child is idly looking anywhere. Now mother carefully turns to the child and asks with an interest: “Will you have this bun? It is tasty, with jam!”. A child looks past mom. Continue reading

Breaking up a relationship as a way to overcome a conflict with a child
So, the situation with your child is at an impasse. You no longer know what to do - nothing helps. You have already explained to him a thousand times, “they…


Mistress-Self, Mistress-Person: Psychological exercise for Lovers
Do not read popular female novels! In one overly popular female novel, I read one thought that was very harmful from my point of view. Here it is: “Yet they…


For the wife - happiness. For a husband, misfortune ...
Throw three coins six times and write down the result. Eagle. Eagle. Tails are a long solid line. Tails. Tails. The eagle is an intermittent line symbolizing the female bosom.…


Reinforcement in parenting
Reinforcement is a prerequisite for any learning and training. The main rule: “What we reinforce is what we get.” When parents approach the child, they reinforce the behavior that the…