Marriage ... Positive reframing
I’ll briefly recall what “positive reframing” is. Reframing is the brainchild of Peseshkian's positive psychotherapy, as well as behavioral psychotherapy and NLP. Reframing is such a purely linguistic (verbal) operation…

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Parental bans
They say that children can’t forbid anything ... (These are humanists and “Spokovites”) They say that children should be kept in tight rein. (These are traditionalists). Let them say ...…

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Children know everything, but do not. What to do?
This article is addressed to those parents who are not indifferent to their children and are thinking about how to properly educate them. Throughout my parenting experience (I have three…

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What are the nightmares talking about

Do you believe in dreams? Know how to interpret them? Are you afraid of nightmares? I haven’t asked all the questions yet! Have you ever happened to say this phrase: “All men are scum”? And agree with her quietly and to yourself?

So, if in life you have often come across such a philosophy and share it yourself, do not be offended if a black-black person comes to you in dreams and begins to “nightmare” you for breaking the harmony commanded by man from above, for that you put the sticks in the wheels of the Creator and yourself destroy the possibility of personal happiness. This black man is called Animus, to use the terms of Carl Jung. Animus, however, is not a black man – he can be different, for example, a bright and joyful prince or a young man in the guise of St. George. It becomes black when we blacken: from malice, envy, having strayed from the right path. Continue reading

What we take for love

There is such a famous joke. An elderly professor returns home after a visit to the doctor and tells his wife: “Darling, what you and I have considered orgasm our whole life, the doctor considers an attack of bronchial asthma.”

In life, this is what happens. No, what is an orgasm, unlike an older professor, we all know, problems arise with the definition of the concept of “love.” The situation resembles the one described by the classic: “Not everyone in our country knows why Pushkin died. But each child will tell you how to make varnish. ”

So, the most common misconceptions associated with the word “love”: Continue reading

Five languages of love

In fact, of course, there are much more of them than the author of the popular books on psychology, Harry Chapman, singled out. But if you do not remember in essence a single one, if you thoroughly forgot what you once knew, then these five will seem to you a real treasure.

I get the impression that we live on a planet of the deaf …

No, at first we all speak loudly in one, common language of love for all – in the language of youthful hormones and pheromones, whipping over the edge. But “the plumber came,” we scooped up all the water and began to live and live peacefully. And here it turns out that: Continue reading

Instruction for the man (man)

Based on the basic, highly spiritual, we know that women expect from men – love, and men expect from women – RESPECT
Oh, if people were issued instructions for use!

Although … what am I talking about? Indeed, only as much as people traditionally do not read “preface in books”, they “traditionally” do not understand “instructions in boxes”.

This condition is called, by the way, “functional illiteracy.” And your humble servant suffers from it no less than the described by her “spiteful and not far average average man”, to the address of which the Author traditionally Continue reading

Family Psychology

Family psychology, relationship psychology explains: what is love, what is falling in love, what is a relationship of addiction, what is the search for the ideal partner, and what is the dumb following of the “parent scenario” …

Family psychology was born when, as such, the family ceased to exist (and therefore needed some kind of psychology). Here is the paradox!

Family psychology resembles grief-rescuers who arrived in time for a fire when the last firebrands were already down.

After all, why in the family a century ago there were various kinds of problems?

Yes, because the family never fundamentally took into account the needs of a particular person, but only the needs of the species as a whole.

Condition and property, inheritance, mortgage bonds and bills have always been more important than someone else’s mental and physical comfort, more important than love and feelings of sincere affection, more important than Life Continue reading

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